Is High-Fructose Corn Syrup Hazardous to Your Health?

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Should you avoid this common sweetener, which lurks in everything from juice to bread? Get the facts on HFCS.

Member Comments

There are too many products that has some type of sugar that don't need it! Salt is just as bad. I wish the manufacturers would give us back our sugar bowl and salt shaker that they robbed. Let us control our own sugar and salt. Report
Great info! Thanks! Report
Diabetics find corn syrup to be one of those things that lead the way to craving. Report
I'm reading about the perils of Sugar, and I cannot believe how closely High Fructose Corn syrup is correlated with Diabeties. I will avoid it from now on, and keep it away from my grand daughter. Report
So many commercially offered pre-packaged foods are now so over sweetened (with whatever ingredients they are using - and there can often be several sweeteners on the label), that I find them unappetizing. I want to be able to actually taste the ingredients! When cooking I have changed a number of my recipes over time reducing sweeteners to make them taste better to me. Report
I'm a non-dependent diabetic, I have to use sweetener in my cereal, ice tea and that's about all I use it for. I have a recipe for blueberry muffins I'm going to make, I may or may
not use sugar, is which it calls for. Have a Blessed Day on the Lord's Day! Report
I a, allergic to corn products and 98 percent of pre package food had corn in it Report
High Fructose Corn syrup is NOT the same as sugar…I encourage you to read this article to see how it biochemically affects you. Its no coincidence the American obesity epidemic began when this government subsidized product became available to food manufacturers.

up-will-kill-you/ Report
Just saw "That Sugar Film." Very enlightening on how our body handles sweeteners. I recommend it to everyone. Report
Hello...Koshie 1...SUCROSE is composed of Fructose and Glucose! Check it out! Report
hello-o! Sugar is composed of sucrose and glucose, NOT fructose and glucose!

You'll find fructose in FRUIT. And it is possible to eat too much fruit too. Report
The first time I ever noticed this -- I was on an island in the Philippines and couldn't get diet Pepsi (another killer - diet pop). I was craving pop (addicted) - so I bought the real thing. When I was done, I felt full -- it didn't make me sick, etc. When I looked it was made with REAL sugar. At the time it was against the law to use aspertame, etc. in the Philippines. When I got home I checked out the label on pop AND I became aware of Fructose corn syrup and began avoiding it. Also, on this trip I kicked diet pop AND regular pop too. That REALLY opened my eyes! Report
It would be nice if Spark actually read these comments and paid attention to its users. I see lots of comments against this video, and on other Everwell videos. Perhaps it's time for Everwell to NOT be on Spark? It is not unbiased, as it claims below the's biased toward "drink the Koolaid and don't ask questions!"

That said...I've read a lot that HFCS alone isn't bad. The problem is the AMOUNT that we get in all our food and drinks. But the food industry is going to keep telling us that it's "good" because it's cheaper for them to use than sugar is. Report
HA! The corn industry will spend millions of dollars to convince you hfcs is good for you and when that fails they spend millions more telling you that is just isnt BAD for you.

Least I got my 3 points... Report