11-Minute Chair Cardio Workout

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Are you injured or living with limited mobility issues? You can still exercise! Check out Coach Nicole's seated workout for a simple, modified way to get fit.

Member Comments

Still recovering from a bad asthma attack, so I needed something gentle, yet calorie burning. Fit the docket! Thanks Coach Nicole! Report
Great seated workouts! Report
This workout is easy for me to do in the small bits and pieces that are okayed by my doctor. It will be great when I am given permission to do the whole video at one time, but for now I just do what I can. Report
Great workout love it Report
Great workout! Was surprised how easy it was after my muscles became used to the movement. (Much easier after the first week or so). Stick with it! Report
I start my day with this workout. Report
Good start to the day while I'm at work. Report
Good workout for the workplace and home. Report
Ow, I hurt! Haha! Great workout! I did have to modify it quite a bit because I am so out of shape and I am in a wheelchair. But I hope to get to the point that I can do it very similar to how Nicole does it! Report
Great workout! Report
good workout for the short time. When I don't want to exercise I go to this video! Report
This started out as something for which I was reviewing for friends who can't really work out (or are chair bound). I have been doing this video (and added in the others - alternating days I do the second one - arms, abs, etc.) - they - are - *FANTASTIC* - I normally do Kundalini yoga and 'tai chi for weight loss' (based on tai chi but is a low impact cardio work out). I also do power walking and floor workouts/cardio/t
oning. in the TWO weeks that I have been doing THESE - I have lost nearly two inches and have definitely increased my cardio/fitness! They're short, challenging, but not so that they can't be done! I can see how they would be difficult for the beginner or someone who's not worked out in a while. JUST do what you can! Just do the 'top' workout (making sure your lower half is well situated and squared). Then gradually add in just a LITTLE bit of 'leg' - you don't need to add very much to give it an impact. Doing these practically daily has made a HUGE difference in my life! Thank you!! Report
I loved this video! I have been looking for a seniors low impact (arthritic knees, hips, back) cardio video to get me started on exercise. This was perfect. Report
got my heart rate up and some more cardio done today. WHOO whoo!! Report
I was determined that I was going to do some cardio on tonight. Well, I really found out how out of shape that I am. Did the complete work out but had to slow down sometimes but I did it. I know that it will get better. Report