Healthy Eats from the Food Court

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Eating right on the go just got easier! We'll show you how to pick the healthiest fast foods--and steer clear from the rest.

Member Comments

Great video i tried eating organic superfoods and it helps me out tremendously. It helps you nourish, replenish and cherish your body with high quality, organic superfoods that are good for you, and good for the planet. We buy our superfoods from https://superfood Report
I have tried to order smaller portions but some places won't let you order child's size and too they have special times you can order lunch portions. Report
I like the idea of sharing a meal with a friend when you eat out. Report
I'm like BUTTERFLIES4ME what did they pick to eat? Report
WHAT DID THEY PICK??????? Report
They didn't comment on what they actually picked though. Report
Wow, really interesting. I love how all of this stuff here on Spark People is free. Can't get any better than this. Report
Like others stated, there should have been options and substitutions to the usual fare. Looking up the food calories on a smart phone as you stand in line might be helpful. Report
Thank you! I love that this dietician was realistic with her approach. Report
Lots of "duh" moments here. I guess it's helpful if you're just starting out though. Report
I am hoping to find a video with specific restaurants in it. ANYONE can ask for a nutrition menu and if they don't have one or don't want to show it to you, don't eat there. No harm in leaving if you are not satisfied with the service. Report
Wish they had shown some actual choice options. Report
Well, that's vague. Reading the nutritional information seems obvious. From the title, I was expecting more specific suggestions. Report
Really good video, good information Report
I like that more fast food restaurants are putting their calories right on the order board.

I really wish all restaurants would do that.

(Just because its a five star restaurant does not mean it's healthy or low calorie.)