I Lost 100 Pounds and Found Hope

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SparkPeople member INDYGIRL has lost 100 pounds and counting. She created this video to share with our members and her can-do attitude is contagious!

Member Comments

Again, very inspirational, but WTF on the piano? She is the star of this video, not the overeager percussionist at the keyboard. Report
Thank you for sharing. You inspire us all.
Great and inspiring story! Thank you for sharing.
P.S. See that you have a house rabbit.....sweet. Report
Thank you for sharing! You are doing amazing. We can do this and live a healthy life style... Report
You are so amazing!Woo Hoo
You must be very proud of your self!! Report
Thank you, Beth, for sharing your journey with us. I can so relate to what you said about how it feels to have people see me lose weight and then regain it. That and other feelings of failure about my declining health due to obesity left me depressed and resigned, just as you mentioned!
I had a moment of clarity when I fell for the 5th time in 2 years. That fall coincided with letting go of some victimization and feeling defective for it.
My attitudes and behavior have changed and all my numbers are trending downward. I am committed to regaining my health and keeping, to changing my thinking, actions and relationship with food.
I already feel more confident and happy. It feels good to be good to me.

Wow. What an inspiration. Report
Congratulations Beth!! Report
Indy, thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope with all of us.
You are amazing! Report
Hi Beth. What an amazing and courageous person you are. We are all so proud of you. Thank you for being such a great example to the rest of us. I, too, have degenerative disc disease. I also have advanced arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I, too, am not going to let it stop me. Thank you for sharing your story. God bless you on your journey to health and wellness. :) Report
Keep up the great work, you are a beautiful lady and you can do this . Report
Thank you for sharing your story. I needed to see it. Report
Wow! You are an inspiration. God bless. Report
thanks for sharing! I to want to lose weight and you are an inspiration to me! WE CAN DO IT! Report
Thank-you for sharing your journey. You are a truly courageous woman who, I am sure, will keep your eye on the prize of health and happiness while inspiring others to do the same. I need to remember you when I'm tempted to give in to the "wimpier" side of me. God bless you.

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