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How Much Sugar You're Really Eating


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I think a better video would be side-by-side comparisons of "regular" and low-sugar versions of the same food.

For example:
1. Almond milk (regular vanilla): 7 grams (2 teaspoons) of sugar vs. Almond milk (unsweetened vanilla): 1g (0.33 teaspoons) of sugar

2. Prego spaghetti sauce: 10g sugar vs. Classico Fire Roasted Tomato (which contains no added sugar): 4g sugar

3. Yoplait strawberry yogurt (6oz): 18g sugar vs. plain non-fat greek yogurt with 1 tablespoon Smucker's Reduced Sugar Strawberry Preserves: 6.8g + 5g

It would help people to see alternatives, rather than just shame them for eating sugar.
3 of last 4 days had NO refined sugar and it was a struggle! The 1 day was my homemade cheesecake in which I reduced the sugar in recipe and which I ate because I served it as dessert to my husband's relatives. My teeth felt really icky after eating It!
Well crud!! I thought some of those like almond milk was healthy. I think this left me with more questions. Time to do more research!
As a bariatric surgery veteran, my sugwrs are to be more tgan 3 gr/ servingl
Good info!
My chiropractor recommends no more than 20 grams of sugar a day. Read your labels. There is even sugar in fresh vegetables.
OMG, I had no idea the maximum sugar recommendation was so low. No wonder so many of us have problems with weight!
having sugar as a nutrient would be helpful for diabetics
Sugar is sugar! I think the food industry has about 50 different terms for it. Fructose is just as bad in juice form unless you eat the whole fruit with its fibre. Counting carbs or at least lower them has helped me shed weight.
The only problem with trying to track "sugar" is that there is a major difference between 'natural' sugar (in whole fruits) vs. natural sugar in 100% juices, vs. 'junk' sugar(refined sugar & all its 'ose names, which should be avoided or at least limited).
All of these would count the same in a Nutrition Tracker, but have vast differences in how they affect your body.
Very interesting, but need more information on how to add-up amounts of sugar from all we eat. Like cereal, fruits, breads etc...
That's a lot of sugar!
i just learned something new! How interesing
interesting....but how do you add up...what's in cereal, soda, etc. and add it all up? converting grams to teaspoons???? Is there a limit to cereal, soda each day so you know approximately what's in each and add up at end of day?
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