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I Lost 55 Pounds and Gained My Life Back


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very inspiring!!!
Very inspirational!! You and I have very similiar stories!! Sick of the YO YO! I cannot wait to reach my goal!
Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.
Congratulations on your success! Wishing you continued health and fitness.
Well done a great achievement. x
You look great, and so happy
Congratulations. You look amazing. I just love SparkPeople. I am nearing my goal and I'm very inspired by your success story! Keep Sparking!!
Very inspirational. Thank you for sharing. This gives me hope.
What A success story ! ....You are beautiful!....Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing this and congratulations! You look amazing and sound like you are very happy.
Totally Beautiful! Thank you for sharing your journey. Very inspiring!
I am really happy for you and thank you for sharing your story! Congrats and great job
YES, they were all diets and Sparkspeople is a MOVEMENT! I look forward to joining your journey along with others at Sparkspeople.
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