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Types of Psychotherapy for Depression

Which Treatment is Right for You?


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Good info Report
Good article. Report
My wife has been in treatment and therapy for 35 years. There is some content here that just might help her. Thanks! Report
Very informative and helpful article. Report
This is a helpful article. My experience was that the meds gave my the energy to do the hard work of therapy.
Please consider updating the article to reflect TMS treatment. Tanscranial Magnetic Stimulation felt like a miracle to me. After years of successful therapy, I stilll needed small doses of meds which finally stopped working. My psychiatrist recommended TMS, my insurance (Medicare) covered it and eventually ended all meds. Report
thanks Report
I was clinically depressed for years, and on many different medications until I asked for a referral to a psychiatrist and underwent evaluation then a 12-week course of cognitive behavioural therapy. I worked very hard at this process, did my homework, and discussed every session with my husband, which helped him understand me better. I will be on medication for the rest of my life. I can honestly say that the last 15 years have been the best of my life. And now, with thr BECK Diet Solution, I’m using cognitive behavioural therapy to help me lose weight and keep it off. I’m down 26 lbs. at this point.
Cognitive behavioural therapy requires commitment over the long term... and it works!

thank you good to know Report
Good info Report
Great article Report
I find it quite pathetic that it is ok with society to accept a sentence such as "It certainly would be wonderful if the illness that afflicts 17 million American adults every year could be cured by a simple visit to the doctor and a prescription." as ok.... The fact that society relies so heavily on a "magic pill" for all it's problems is sad.

I'm all for therapy if it's done right, but the fact is that most therapists only care about adding you to the list of people in this country dependent on a man-made substance to make it all better.... Report
Finally an article that I consider excellent. Just throwing meds at depression does not cure the depression, it just numbs it down so you don't care about it or care why you have it. Hopefully soon, physicians will get back to really helping people who have had bouts of depression and anxiety, me being one of them. The meds were a nightmare I will never forget. I only took them for a very very short time, and ended up in the hospital with a dangerous serotonin syndrome episode that could have killed me.

Many many recover with CBT. It's retraining your habitual thought processes and yes, absolutely we have control over that. Once you realize you do have control, you can get well, the relief is amazing. Depression is not a life long illness and not a doctor on the planet can prove that. Also, there is not a doctor on the planet can prove is has anything to do with a chemical imbalance in the brain. Ask them to prove that and their eyes roll back in their heads. That was debunked years ago. Report
Thanks for explaining the different yet complex forms of psychotherapy.

I was never presented with these types of explanations on each. I have seen at least 3 people; and most recently decided to stop seeing the last person but felt bad that I was not going to see her anymore...more because I feel that I was back to point A with my depression, however, after reading your article, I can resonate more with the two types I know will do me good! I know now that I will be looking for help and seeing the qualifications/experience to feel better of the type of therapy I will have! Big ah-ha moment for me!

I will meet with my health care provider before the end of the month...looking forward to to this visit, my doctor, and will bring up my concerns with depression and treatment I have had in the past. This article couldn't have come to at a better time than now!

I have more confidence to ask questions at this visit soon. There is something more that can be done by me with the right therapy; not just taking a drug to treat depression! That is powerful to know and there is quite some work ahead for me to do, but I am excited to know more of my options; this is also liberating.

Thank you again!

*** Blessings to all who have written a comment on this article as well! Your comments encouraged me to leave a comment *** Report

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