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Depression in Men: Why It's Different

It's Not Just a Woman's Disease


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Oh yes, I have been that man for most of my adult life. Medications help, but I've got to keep an eye out on symptoms and intentionally do things to wash those problems right off my hands before they spread. It was helpful to learn 2 decades ago that for my kind of Depression it is as medical as a broken leg bone, while a bone usually heals eventually.

Please consider looking at yourself and/or the men in your life. It took me a long time for me to get a diagnosis. I'm 60 years old, and I've suffered for 40 years. It was a relief to know if wasn't just me behaving badly.

No, St. John's Wort doesn't help my kind of depression. Report
Ive only recently begun feeling comfortable talking about my own depression, and even then its only with close friends ---- but then again it's not something you're going to go blabbing to everyone about Report
very good article and acurate Report
Very interesting Report
Good to know, Thanks! Report
Excellent read. Good need-to-know information! Report
I took the time to reflect back and recognize that I have a slight case of depression at times. Report
Good article. Report
Great article... I hope it reaches a lot of people, especially those who think depression is some sort of motivational issue and believe the individual can just pull himself or herself out of it by sheer force of will. That attitude, and the stigma and shame of depression, is what keeps so many people suffering in silence. Report
Great tips! Thanks! Report
Excellent info...Thx! Report
Yeah. My DH is depressed. He's had an injury & has lost the ability to do his job. He's dealing w/ pain constantly, and hardly sleeps (which has been an issue for YEARS). I can't help him. He is miserable. -- Insurance/medical coverage offers no "fix" of the problem...only as many drugs as he wants. Don't know where to turn??? Report
WOW! This one is an "eye opener". Thanks for the info! Report
I enjoyed this article. Thank you. When my brother died, my Dad went into a depression; he had mostly "women" characteristics. My husband struggles with depression but again mostly "women" type traits. Thankfully, my husband is open to talking about what bothers him. Report
This article really strikes home for me. After my husbands’ stroke, he raged on me something awful. I was blamed for everything for quite a few years. He was extremely depressed.This led to me being depressed for quite a while. You might say it was a “Catch 22”. Things have really improved for us since that time. It was a great reminder of how far we have come. Report

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