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5 Powerful Plyometric Moves for Beginners


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This article is spot on! I Report
Interesting, but jumps of any kind are not good for me since I am a very large chested person and all the support bras in the world would not keep the breasts in place. Report
Thank you Report
Thank you.. Have to think about this one. Report
Thanks Report
thanks. i saw TRX move of the week youtube on this with a trx Report
I have to agree with the comment to start slow and build up to a full routine. It is easy to get discouraged! Report
Love them! I slowly built up, due to an old knee injury and it really strengthened my leg muscles. I still do box jumps just because.

But yes, they aren’t for everyone. Not every exercise if for everyone :) Report
I do a small amount of Plyos like jump squats. Small bursts if energy but you sure do feel it like you put forth a long workout.
I recommend if you are able to do them. Report
thanks Report
Wish my knees could handle these power work outs :( Report
Thanks, but no thanks! I am a senior citizen and got tired from just reading this one. I will leave this one for my grandchildren. Report
Wish I could do this, but w/knee replacement, cannot. Thanks for the information, though. Report

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