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''I Overcame a Life of Hardships by Making the Decision to Change''

How a Healthy Lifestyle Helped LOFLLAMA Manage Her Depression


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Thanks for sharing your story :) Report
Pleased you are doing well now Report
Lisa, Appreciate your openness. It can help others along their path and it's a blessing because you can be an encouragement to a broader audience of people than a lot of us. Keep reaping the rewards of a healthy and happy life!!!

Antonette Report
Having a very rough, painful day. Just the inspiration I needed.
Your story of everyday hardships and how you deal with them is very inspirational. I'm not trying to trivialize your journey when I call them everyday hardships, just saying that I know many people that share some of the same ~ including ME! So, thank you for sharing. Your positive attitude and story help me to be a better me!!! Report
Lisa, Liked reading your story. Glad to see you didn't fall off the face of the earth. Glenn Report
Thanks for sharing your story! Congratulations on your success! Report
LOFLLAMA thank you for your story. I found it to be very inspirational. Report

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