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The Pros and Cons of Barefoot Running

The Science (and Common Sense) of Running without Footwear


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Barefoot running is not for me either! Report
Bare foot running is not for me. Report
I am bare foot most of my life. I wear shoes when I am in public because I was taught it was polite to keep the feet covered around strangers.

When I run, I run on my toes. Sprinting.
Ready: I plant my feet to find balance
Set: I raise up onto the balls of the feet (the fleshy part near the toes)
Go: I push off with the side of the ball and big toes.
My heels never touch the ground excepted when I am changing direction or slowing down. My heels are my breaks. :P

Con: pea gravel and sand: the ball/toes tend to shovel the loose material backwards so energy transfer is lower.

Pro: Running backwards works great this way. Better stability: no stumbling. Improved speed and agility. Naked toes allow for more grip on uneven terrain. Report
Thanks for a great article! :) Report
good article Report
Interesting Report
Used to go barefoot and could actually walk on stones. Now I need some kind of padding on my feet. Good article. Report
Thank You for a great article. Report
Great until it snows. Report
I ran barefoot all the time on our farm when I was little but now i'm older and live in the city where there are too many things to step on (glass, nails, etc) I do love my Carters shoes though which have a very thin sole and are very flexible. I think thats about as close as I will ever come to running barefoot again. Report
WOW...thanks... Report
Excellent article. Report
When I was young, summer was finally here when you were allowed to go outside barefoot. I think the benefits of being shod augment the possible dangers of running barefoot and shoes should be worn to prevent injury and infection. Report
Interesting I never go bare foot except to shower or swim. Sounds like fun but our beaches are to safe for going bare foot. Report

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