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6 Stretches for Runners After Crossing the Finish Line

How to Properly Stretch After You Run


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Great for preventing cramps. Report
I love these stretches. They are good to do anytime you feel like you need a bit of blood flow. haha. Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Great information. Thanks. Report
Good to know Report
My favorite warm up and recovery is using a foam roller, especially laying my upper back on the foam roller Report
wow! this was today's "recommended" articles for me....sad that no one else has commented here since the last time I was here.... it still feels good to do these stretches. Report
felt good. i need that! Report
Great stretches and need-to-know information! Report
I must admit I do not always stretch after running, and then I end up with leg cramps. Report
thanks but don't run but good for the body Report
I am not a runner and never will be but these stretches are good for everyone. Thank you. Report
Thank you for this article Report

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