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Weather at Home & Sparkpoint spin outcome! CAJUNBUCKEYE59 6876 _LINDA
4/2/20 11:51 A
4/1/20 5:48 P
4/2/20 12:26 P
How many log in points??? JUDY1676 10994 JUDY1676
4/1/20 9:56 P
Daily Login Points TURTLE69 6321 TURTLE69
4/2/20 3:52 A
4/1/20 5:45 P
Chicken ceasar salad PAM1505 6 GEORGE815
4/1/20 8:28 P
#aprilfoolsday NANHBH 11 _RAMONA
4/2/20 2:07 A
I have been a junk food junky so long I can’t remember ever eating healthy. But I’m really trying to HORSESHOEHONEY 14 _RAMONA
4/2/20 2:06 A
My exercise for the day! I wanted to stop so close to being done but kept hearing you all cheering m CANDLES9103 15 RREDFORD5
4/2/20 10:22 A
The way I'm feeling right now. EVIE4NOW 15 _RAMONA
4/2/20 2:06 A
75 More to Go! 15lbs seems like such a HUGE deal to me right now! TXSASSY76 33 NOCALORIES
4/1/20 9:07 P
This was lunch. Work from home is challenging but I'm getting spoiled by being able to prep a fresh ROCKYCATSMAMMA 27 TCANNO
4/2/20 3:10 A
MUTTS DAILY QUOTE: “Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in h RREDFORD5 15 TMP0418
4/2/20 8:16 A
Had this app a while back but have been out of practice for weeks due to medical issues... It's been HAILEYMURE 15 SPARKLE1908
3/31/20 7:13 P
Cocido (Mexican beef soup) ❤️👍💪 LASTARLITA 11 MAMAOFTWINS
3/31/20 8:55 P
A pretty little blue and white sailboat. It’s currently 63 degrees here in California right now. ALLYLIZZY 35 OOKLATHEMOK
3/31/20 10:34 P
Tuesday WO MD Upper B- orange cashews L - chicken salad kiwi salad chocolate pudding D egg salad w/ ENNAZUS176 2 ARTJAC
3/31/20 6:33 P
I’m not really feeling this way, but thought it was funny 😁 NANHBH 18 ROCKYCPA
3/31/20 10:19 P
A late-ish lunch today. With the littles on Spring Break this week so I can get the next 8 weeks of FITMOMMA_OF6 21 FITMOMMA_OF6
4/1/20 9:14 A
Dinner by my bf. He was all worried the tilapia wa OPTICALXILLUSIO 15 L_DROUIN
4/1/20 3:06 A
Been an up and down gained a little back due to thyroid issues ughhh ,but got it taken care of and t LHAROLD10 53 123THERESA123
4/1/20 2:23 P
Some friends just left these on my porch for me, then text me to tell me to check my porch!! It was IOWAGIRLRUNS1 28 GARDENCHRIS
3/31/20 1:06 P
the LOL I needed today. who’s part of my girl squad? SHINEFROMWITHIN 9 FREEDOMSKEY
3/30/20 6:10 P
Here's a nice serene and calming photo from one of my adventures a few years back. Breathe. HEALTHY-SPARK 22 SHOAPIE
3/31/20 12:25 P
3/31/20 4:13 A
Damn. Why did I make cupcakes yesterday. I haven't had one today but..... I want one... meow! REBECCADSTONE92 17 ICECUB
3/31/20 7:09 A
Finally able to get out and run today. I took some time off to heal some PF I had going on. The su IOWAGIRLRUNS1 15 GARDENCHRIS
3/31/20 1:06 P
My wonderful grandchildren Desirea and Xander! Auntie Jamie made homemade waffles #keto, bacon and e NVRGIVINGUP 15 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/31/20 6:34 P
3/30/20 10:57 P
#stayhome NANHBH 15 ROCKYCPA
3/30/20 10:18 P
Experimented and made up my own recipe for vegan b GINGERMONKEY21 10 GETITDONE79
3/29/20 5:31 P
My cardio workout today #fitnessfeats BIGRENTMAN 16 CKEYES1
3/30/20 8:21 A
New game plan for those sweet potatoes . Spicy chorizo sausage , roasted sweet potatoes , one sunny ASHELYLADY 11 L_DROUIN
3/30/20 6:33 A
Love when we actually have nice weather to be able TONIAGREGAN 8 EVIE4NOW
3/30/20 12:28 A
French Toast and coffee for Sunday brunch. 💕 ALLYLIZZY 25 PCK12J
3/30/20 1:50 P
First day making a healthy brunch for myself... Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, and cheese, with a gla ALISONASMITH 12 GM252775422
3/29/20 10:22 P
Root veggie hash! AKIMBRE1 13 LIZZYMITCH
3/29/20 10:19 P
Our Mental Health is more important than ever! I realized that I was "obsessing" a lil too much bec CINDY247 28 PATRICIA-CR
3/30/20 11:20 A
Posted a photo CATHERINE74894 12 1BLAZER282005
3/30/20 7:58 A
Finally under 300 this month. 31 WHOLE POUNDS LOST DEDICATED2ME32 213 EVIE4NOW
3/30/20 12:25 A
😂🤣 hehehe TMP0418 19 NVRGIVINGUP
3/29/20 3:55 A
Day 28 of exercising every day for the month of March ST3PH 18 GARDENSFORLIFE
3/28/20 9:53 P
I understand the need for ads to keep the app free, but this seems ultra counter productive. Why wo BRATBLACK 13 BRATBLACK
3/29/20 11:09 A
#keto #lowcarb #lchf The tree is laden with Beautiful Guava. Here I am with my coffee and cream lo TPWRITES 18 PIPPAMOUSE
3/30/20 12:24 A
Here's the team description: Race to Fascinating Places - 8 Weeks this spring. Join a supportive tea DIANEDOESSMILES 6 PATRICIA-CR
3/29/20 11:21 A
Went for a run today (I do not usually enjoy running but with the gym closed) as part of my work out GRAVITYFIGHTING 17 CANDLES9103
3/28/20 8:11 P
So thankful I still have my happy place ❤️🏋🏻‍♀️ BECCAA7742 11 HANNAHTHEGR8
3/28/20 6:13 P
I keep my weight to myself, but 6/12/19 till now I dropped 73.4# .....#keto getting closer TINYDANCER 26 PIPPAMOUSE
3/30/20 12:23 A
3/28/20 6:32 P
It's the last weigh in for BLC42 on Wednesday. Anyone want to join us for BLC43? To find out more ALOTCANHAPPEN 4 DUCKTURNIP
3/28/20 8:33 P
Scrambled eggs with ham, mushrooms, and mozzarella. So good, and a quick way to get enough calories. VALERIE_BANMAN 15 LSIG14
3/28/20 7:24 P
Kindness is key! #we'reinthistogether PCK12J 13 ARTJAC
3/27/20 5:08 P
Cleaned out the garden beds today- little signs of spring are showing! Something to look forward t KENNYBARBIE12 13 TMP0418
3/27/20 6:37 P
Day 14 of Safer at Home. This one is exhausted from the extra walks and attention. REBECCATKD 14 LIZZYMITCH
3/27/20 11:39 P
Day 5 on the treadmill. Yay!! Had a couple chicken thighs with zucchini, asparagus and mushroom for KIBBGIRL 7 LIZZYMITCH
3/27/20 11:38 P
3/27/20 11:36 P
Duncan is loving that I’m home so he and I can chill out in the recliner. Thinking I’ll do a work ou KPINAZ 11 MOMOF4JDRS
3/27/20 10:23 P
Sunny 🌞 day in San Antonio Texas area. In 90s today - lonely no one out. AOKDIET21 23 TCANNO
3/27/20 11:42 P
Not sure who posted about the Tabata Hiphop on #popsugar but wow!! Thanks it was fun and sweaty 😂💪 SUMMERJOY18 12 STILLSPARKLEIGH
3/29/20 9:41 A
My afternoon snack has great macros and another rainbow serving... berries are SUPER FOODS and full STILLSPARKLEIGH 26 PCK12J
3/28/20 5:13 P
Sage and mushroom risotto with multi-colored carrots and peas. Project Angel Heart ♥️👩‍🍳🌷 JONESEYJR55 14 JONESEYJR55
3/27/20 1:30 A
I wanted to share this for those with the chance: You can grow your own groceries (75% of diet in un HAPPYKITTYNZ 11 MJ7DM33
3/26/20 11:36 P
My DIL finally listened to me and after 1 week of total confinement with her boys... She has them do CINDY247 35 PATRICIA-CR
3/27/20 10:27 A
My cardio workout today #moveit BIGRENTMAN 16 TOCONNER
3/27/20 6:38 A
…:::For the last time! I am not letting any quarantine get me down! 2BDYNAMIC 37 GABY1948
3/29/20 5:37 P
#BeforeAndAfter. Can’t see them while outside. Can’t really be seen by passers by. House next door NEEDBU66 17 GETIT50
3/26/20 10:20 P
6 months / 50# lost #beforeandafter AMMERJAMMERS 98 ARNETTELEE
3/27/20 7:55 A
Something that was sent to me. Explore Calufornua FIREBRTHR 5 JAMESEVER
3/26/20 10:36 P
Found this on the internet DESERTDREAMERS 13 LWLAR7
3/26/20 1:47 A
Posted a photo MARJOHN164 24 TMP0418
3/26/20 9:54 A
My Chinese Fortune Cooky said to me, "Stop searching forever. Love is right beside you." And you kno KIMJ01 22 MORTICIAADDAMS
3/26/20 8:05 P
Buck up little campers. This won't last forever NOLALIJE11 13 NAVYWIFESKI
3/26/20 9:08 A
3/26/20 9:03 A
3/26/20 3:28 P