10 Athleisure Brands Plus-Size Women Will Love

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Shopping for clothes can be a pain no matter what size you are. What looks cute on the model in the store, online or in a magazine almost never looks right when you try it on in real life. Because finding the exact right fit is such an ordeal, many people either stick to the brands they know and love or shy away from shopping all together.

At SparkPeople, we believe that no one is too big too exercise, and to exercise effectively, you need the right clothes. They don't have to be fancy or expensive but you'll appreciate the difference once you've experienced the benefits of wearing a sweat-wicking shirt instead of a cotton one on your next bike ride. From roomier sandals to shirts designed to move with you (and not cling!) these plus-size apparel brands are not to be ignored.

1. Livi Active by Lane Bryant
Photo courtesy of Lane Bryant  

Lane Bryant has been a plus-size apparel staple since 1904. What started as a maternity dress company has branched out to offer everything from dresses and socks to active leggings and sports bras. Check out their Wicking Active Capri Leggings that feature a wider, covered elastic waistband, a hidden pocket and material that not only wicks but is also fade-resistant and quick-drying. Their Low Impact Knot-Back Sport Bra provides plenty of support with a little bit of style and their No Pain, No Champagne tee adds a little tongue-in-cheek humor to a relaxed-fit, comfortable gym shirt.

2. Old Navy Active
Photo courtesy of Old Navy

Old Navy has always catered to a wide variety of sizes, and their plus-size offerings are no exception. You can shop their workout staples as well as their on-trend, seasonal fashion lines by shape, size or color. Sizes for all activewear run up to 2X and all clothing is made with Go-Dry fabric that promises to keep you cool while you work up a sweat. Many of their workout bottoms also have compression material to keep you in place and sculpted, and their sports bras are supportive, stylish and comfortable. They also offer a plus-size line of "third-pieces" which is just their fancy way of saying "outerwear."

3. JoyLab by Target
Photo courtesy of Target

If you like your activewear to be more on the trendy side, then JoyLab is for you. Featuring metallic textures, mesh cutouts, daring prints and mixed materials, JoyLab clothing is available in a range of plus sizes to ensure you always look stylish while you work out. Whether you're looking for a pair of mesh-shine, patchwork leggings, a geometric, two-tone sports bra, or a seamless, short-sleeved cropped top, Target has you covered.  

4. Danskin Now

Photo courtesy of Walmart

The winner for the most affordable, yet comfortable athletic wear goes to Danskin Now, which is available at Walmart. For less than $18 for most items, you can find awesome leggings, shelf-bra tanks and adorable skorts in sizes up to 4X. Items feature wicking material and antimicrobial properties to keep sweat and odor at bay. An elastic waistband keeps clothing flexible so it can move when you move.

5. Athleta
Photo courtesy of Athleta

Owned by the same umbrella company that owns Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, Athleta has stood out among the pack for years as the go-to athletic store for quality apparel and comfortable workout clothes. Their Breezy Workout Tank collection features tops that are semi-fitted and made with a linen-like material that is lightweight and made from sustainable European beechwood trees. The Contender Aero 7/8 Tight is a mid-rise performance legging with a stay-put waistband and their Panache Sports Bra has unbeatable underwire support that's great for any activity.

6. Marika
Photo courtesy of Marika

If you get tired of trying to locate merchandise on websites and find yourself scrolling through menu after menu looking for a single pair of leggings, then the Marika site is a dream come true. Marika makes purchasing athletic wear as easy as choosing from "tops" and "bottoms." Choose from among cute details and fabrics in their leggings, seamless sports bras or adorable tees.

7. Torrid

Photo courtesy of Torrid

Torrid is a plus-size clothing brand that celebrates curves and doesn't try to hide them. Their line of activewear ranges in bra sizes, pants and shirts up to 6X. Try their 2Fer Sports Bra Tank (which combines a sports bra and a tank in one) paired with their signature bike shorts and an adorable sweatshirt and head to your nearest cycling class.

8. RSport
Photo courtesy of RSport

RSport was developed with the plus-size girl in mind. "Athena's are active," their website touts. “We move, we sweat, we chafe and abrade differently than any product currently available on the market supports. As such, apparel for Athena's needs to have some nuances that speak directly to those needs.” With that end in mind, RSport developed a line of women’s clothing with their own brand of 37.5 technology to keep you cool with abrasion-resistant panels and fabrics, flatlock stitching, athlete-specific garment design and loads of pockets. Try the Hope 1/2 Zip Tri Jersey with the Hope Tri Shorts for your best race ever, or add the 1/2 Zip Fleece Jacket to your cart for a comfortable workout even when the weather is chilly.

If their motto doesn't sell you, then their "real" marketing campaign will: RSport doesn't retouch their models on their website, so you can feel good that they celebrate curvy girls, cellulite and all.

9. Nike Plus
Photo courtesy of Nike

If you prefer a tried-and-true brand like Nike, then you'll be thrilled to learn they offer a plus-size line. Available in sizes up to 3X and made from sweat-wicking materials, Nike's colorful and comfortable workout clothing is one of the most extensive plus-size offerings we've seen yet. Try their short-sleeve running top, running shorts or training tank to get the Nike supreme style and flattering fit the brand is known for.

10. Fabletics
Photo courtesy of Fabletics

Fabletics celebrates every body, starting at plus sizes 1X to 3X. With their subscription-based service, you can discover your new favorite pair of leggings, see what sports bras you love and test out different tanks and outfits till you find your exact style. VIP members can save up to 50 percent on every order and you can shop or skip a month if you don’t want to purchase anything at that time. The $49.95 service charge can also be applied to your next order.

Which plus-size brands do you love?

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FIT50LISA 1/3/2020
I thought I did Report
FIT50LISA 1/3/2020
Love the lane stuff but I am very short and would like to find clothes that fit my stature Report
SUZIB123 1/3/2020
Xersion from J C Pennys! Best workout wear! Report
KAITLINEF 1/3/2020
I'm size 26/28 and old navy's 2x active dry leggings are my fave for exercise and more. Cute colors, compression, and a large variety. I lean to the spandex ones for smooth walking w/o the dreaded chub rub! Report
Thank you! Report
JO 7/23/2019
Walmart no longer carries the Danskin brand. They were my favorite for budget workout clothes. Now I can't find them in stores. (I have to see it, feel it, and try it on before I buy clothes because of my shape.) Report
Good list. Lane Bryant is pretty good, I personally dislike the feeling of their workout clothes. I have been able to find 1 sports bra and 2 shirts with them. Torrid is also good. I found a pair of workout pants and a few sports bras with them. Their pants are the only ones that stay on me during cardio. Both of these options are crazy expensive. Old Navy is awesome on workout clothing. I have a few shirts, pants, and sports bras through them and I will get more. Cheap and I can easily buy new without issues. Target in my area no longer sells plus workout in store but advertise that they do. One of their employees told me they silently cleared it out and what is left is all for women under the size L (not plus size). Fabletics is overpriced and I refuse to pay that much, not to mention NOTHING is ever in stock with them. Report
I've bought Livi Active from Lane Bryant, and their sports bras are fantastic! The styles I purchased provided so much support and were so comfortable; I forgot I was wearing a bra. I was unsure about Old Navy, but I'll check them out. I also want to try Fabletics. Report
I have had good luck with both Xersion brand from JC Penney and Tek Gear from Kohl's. Both stores tend to have good clearance sales, too, if you're willing to buy out of season.

I second Labyrinth's comments about sports bras - - finding a good fitting and easy to put on sports bra is by far my greatest struggle these days. My go to currently is a traditional styled Champion model, but would love to find a racer back one that is easy to get into. And out of, for that matter..... Report
Great article! Report
Thank you Report
I like womanwithin.com , fullbeauty.com , Roamans.com, and bco.com (bargain catalog outlet). All of these stores are owned by the same company. They carry size 12 and up including active wear, swimwear, jeans, every day clothing, dress clothes, sleepwear, etc.. Their return/exchange policy is awesome. Their prices are somewhat high but they have great sales and clearance if you watch. I just bought 3 pair of jeans and a print t-shirt for $50 including shipping. I love their clothes. Report
Academy Sports has just in the past year introduced some plus size pieces. I have not yet ordered any.

Fabletics is almost overwhelming as a website, and I don't like their narrowly defined return polices. One pair of pants I ordered, the tag got pulled accidentally and they claim they won't accept returns for those where tags were "removed". I had to email them and get permission to return them (the fit was too high in the waist for someone short waisted like me.). Another top I bought seemed to be okay, and then I wore it and washed it, and the foam cup inserts just got all twisted and messed up. They won't take it back either, I'm sure. So it'll go to charity. I finally discontinued my membership and it was a bit of a hassle. I just don't buy that many pieces and their website just sends out almost daily emails. I'm sure I would have been hot to trot with them if they'd been around back in my 20's...and if I had a good income (nearly $50 is outrageous!! I like the expensive outfits when they are being clearanced out really cheap because they are "last year's colors" or whatever....). Report
great info Report
Great info Report
Great! Thank you! Report
Apart from these, Junonia-- a little dowdy, but comfortable, sizes up to seriously plus size, and good swim options. Lands End sometimes. Costco, up to a size 18 or maybe 20, depending on the item and your shape. Target. I need both tall and plus, and it's a struggle. Zulily sometimes has plus size workout clothes (Gaiam, Therapy, Le Mystere bras, etc.), but it's unpredictable, of course. Nordstrom has its house brand, Zella, in limited plus sizes, but they're not a good fit for me. Report
I also like Manifests, which is a lot less expensive than it used to be, and Rainbeau Curves. I find what Fabletics, Old Navy and others call plus-size actually runs pretty small. But many of these are solid picks. Report
I can see I'm gonna need to get more exercise clothes. My husband is not gonna like this...lol Report
I will look for these brands. Thanks! Report
Great tips, thank you! Report
Loved the article. Went to Lane Bryant and did see the clothes. I try something a bit less pricey...probably at target. Report
So many great options to choose from! Report
Walmarts near me no longer sell Danskin. They now have thier own brand Tru blu or something like that (active and regular clothes), and they have signs that say if you wore X size in the Danskin or Just My Size, then you need Y size in their new brand. I don't think the conversion's right as everything I have bought I could really use a size smaller! Report
I’m not plus size but those were some of those outfits were really cute. I had no idea that Old Navy and Target had such cute outfits. Report
So glad came across this article. Really didn't know where to find work out clothes that would fit. Bagging tees don't work. Thanks! Report
thanks much Report
Thanks, great Info! Report
SP link got me hooked on Fabletics Report
Not all members are female - So much for 50% of the population. Report
I have alot of Danskin Now clothing.....it is comfortable. Report
Thanks for the article. Good need-to-know information for plus size sports wear! Report
Lane Bryant has closed their stores in my area. Disappointing. And, I also have NOT found The selection mentioned in this blog at Wal Mart. It would be a dream come true to find athletic wear at these prices. Report
Why is Rainbeau Curves NOT on this list????!!! Beautiful, affordable, true to size workout wear for larger sizes. They have a great sale on now too!! ;) Report
They have beautiful styles and an excellent fit Report
Thank you so much for doing this article I love Lane Bryant's active clothes, but didn't know that Walmart is carrying these sizes now, but am glad that they are at a much lesser price Thanks again Report
Thanks @LABYRINTH for your excellent comment--great info! Report
Some nice options. However, beware that Nike, Athleta and Danskin all run small. The Athleta website shows all thin models wearing their plus-size options so beware that whatever you buy won't look anything like what you imagine from their website (what a disappointment I have to say).

Most of the sport bras you highlighted looked great - but I wonder with all the straps and buckles on the back if I'm supposed to be a contortionist to get it on? At least two of them would require a partner to strap you in.

Lane Bryant, Marika, Torrid and Rsport at least show models in sizes you can imagine more of the fit by. Five stars to them. Report
great article Report
Thanks Report
thank you Report
These are great! Catherine's (a sister company of Lane Bryant) also has activewear and some have two side pockets! Report
thanks. Report
Thank you for an article that provides plus size clothing options. Report